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Curious About Becoming an Independent Color Street Stylist?

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Color Street!  Are you an entrepreneurial minded woman?  Are you thinking about starting your own business?  Perhaps you’ve ventured in the direct sales industry before, invested thousands of dollars, numerous hours put your heart and soul into your business but haven’t seen the success you dreamed of.  I did.  And then I stopped.  I figured direct sales was not my thing and I was fine with it but then I discovered Color Street and now my game has changed!

Color Street is a US based company that launched in June 2017.  They manufacture 100% nail polish strips that go on easy without heat or tools.  The strips last up to 14 days and come off with regular nail polish remover.  They’re super stylish and very affordable.


Here’s the thing…I don’t have a rags to riches story about how this company has gotten me out of a desperate situation.  In addition to being an Independent Color Street stylist I have a great job that I love and it pays very well.  I have a fantastic career and amazing benefits.  I am not telling you this to brag…what I’m telling you is I joined Color Street seriously for the love of the product.  I’m not going to lie and say I don’t get excited every week when I get my commission checks because I do.

Since I joined Color Street I have met so many amazing women at local vendor events.  It surprises me to hear how many are struggling because of the money they have spent trying get started in their business and the amount of inventory they have to keep.  One clothing consultant said she is having a hard time and all of her friends are going out of business.  That makes me sad.  If you’re closing your current business or you want to start a new venture where you have amazing personal and financial results then you and your team should look into Color Street.  I would love for you to join my team.

Reasons Why You Should Become an Independent Color Street Stylist

I could go on and on about why you should join my team.  Here are a few reasons why this is a great business opportunity:

  • Our local team has sold over $1 MILLION dollars in nail strips since launching in June.  That is a lot of sales (not to mention commissions) in only six months for a product that costs $11-$14.
  • With Color Street you can earn up to 35% on everything you personally sell and very generous percentages if/when you choose to build your own team.
  • The investment to become a Color Street stylist is super affordable.
  • $129 and you are in business.  With that you get your start-up kit with nails sets, samples and sales tools that have you earning 25% on all your sales right away with a personal website/catalog where your customers can place their own orders.
  • Anyone can become a Color Street Independent Stylist. It doesn’t require special skills, prior experience, or extensive training. Our “nail fashion” is easy to demonstrate and fun to sell!
  • Color Street doesn’t require you to purchase inventory but if you choose to do so it will not take up your house and doing vendor events or pop up shops or parties requires minimal effort and time.  Everything you need can fit into a small tote!  I call it my business in a bag.
  • Color Street has a great Jump Start program that could reward you up to $1,000 in sales aids, samples and cash in your first 90 days – matched for each person you sponsor! What does this mean? An additional stream of income for you and never having to buy samples or sales aids!
  • The product sells itself.  Every time you walk out your door wearing Color Street you are an advertisement for your business.  How easy is it to strike up conversation when someone says “I love your nails”?!?
  • You will meet so many amazing people and have support and mentoring from your upline sponsor and team.
  • Color Street is made proudly in the USA!!!

Color Street Basic Start-Up Kit

starter kit

So why am I a Color Street Stylist?  It’s simple, I love the product.  Look at all the goodies you get when you join. You will have everything you need to make money and be successful. That’s pretty awesome for such a small investment. I never had pretty nails before and now I do.  I’ve met so many amazing, supportive business women and have made new lifetime friends.  The money I make is helps fund my retirement account and lets me travel more.  If you are an independent woman or a stay at home mom that would like to have your own business Color Street is an opportunity you should look into.  Start your journey with Color Street today.  I am excited about the doors this opportunity will open for you.

join color street

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3 thoughts on “Curious About Becoming an Independent Color Street Stylist?

  1. Kate says:

    How much do stylists pay to for the nail strips and the two-sies sample packets? I’m interested, but wonder if it’s reasonable to have product on hand aside from what comes in the starter kit.

    • supersweetnails says:

      Hi Kate. Sorry for the late response I was in a cruise to Cuba last week. I would love to chat with you more about becoming a stylist. Can you message me (via contact me) was your number and a good time to talk so I can answer all your questions.

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