Winter Nail Care

Winter Begins in a Couple of Days – Do You Know How to Care for Your Nails?

I don’t know how it snuck up so fast but winter is almost here and it’s important to keep your nails healthy.  The winter months may cause nail dryness and damage if you don’t take care of them.   Here are a few simple tips to fight the winter damage and keep your nails in tip top shape.

Easy Winter Nail Care Tips

  • Find a Good Cuticle Oil and Use it Often

Use cuticle oil to moisturize your cuticle and the skin around the nail area.  Using cuticle oil will protect your cuticles and nails against damage and will keep them healthy and looking good.   When cuticles or the surrounding nail are extremely dry they may crack.  The cuticle oil provides repair and protection.


  • Moisturize Your Hands With a Good Lotion

Winter can definitely take a toll on your skin and hands.  I know it seems like I can’t get enough lotion during the colder months.  In addition to keeping your skin moisturized with a good quality lotion you should also hydrate your nails and cuticles.


  • Keep Your Hands Covered Up With Gloves or Mittens

Keeping your hands and nails covered is one of the most stylish tips I can give.  Even if it’s not freezing out it’s a good idea to keep your hands protected from the dry cold air.  And what girl doesn’t want an excuse to buy a cute pair of gloves or mittens – maybe a matching scarf and beanie.  Make a fashion statement!






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