What is Direct Sales?


Should I Join a Direct Sales Company?

You may be contemplating joining a direct sales company because you are an entrepreneur and want to have your own business or you’re a stay at home mom and want to do something fun to keep yourself sane while the kids are young.  Or perhaps you work but need additional income to help pay bills or pay down credit cards that have gotten out of control.  Maybe you just want to explore the idea of joining a direct sales company to meet people and build a network of friends.  There are a number of reasons you might be thinking about joining a direct sales business but you’re not quite sure what a direct sales business is.

What is Direct Sales

Direct sales is basically the sale of products without a retail location or physical store.  Direct selling is done by independent business owners, not employees, of a company.  They are often called consultants, distributors, promoters and they market and sell a companies products and in return earn commissions.  When you join a direct sales company you are in business for yourself but you have a network of supporters so you are not by yourself.  Going into business with a direct sales company is a great way to have the success you desire.  You’re in charge so you can work it as little or as much as you want.

How Direct Sales Works

A great benefit of direct sales is being self employed and earning commissions while the company you represent handles all the operations like product development and shipping.  Generally you join a direct sales company as an independent consultant, promoter, distributor buy purchasing a starter kit.  The starter kit is a reasonably priced sample of products that represent the company.  You then share or demo the products with people you think will be interested in making purchases.  Individual business owners get their own website, or storefront, that customers use to place orders and have their products shipped directly to them.  In return for marketing and selling the product you are paid a commission.  In addition to products, starter kits are also full of support materials, training and sales tools that will help you embark on your independent business journey.

Why Join a Direct Sales Company

Joining a direct sales company is a great way to be in business for yourself and earn money but it is also low risk opportunity.  There is usually very little investment costs and you get a built in support system from both the company and your team.  When you sign on to a direct sales company you join under a sponsor or an upline.  Your upline is not your supervisor or boss but is your biggest supporter because you are directly under them in the business structure.  Your upline will not dictate what you do with your business, how much money you earn or how much time you have to put in but they do want you to be successful because their success (commission) grows when yours does.  The concept of direct sales is also known as multi-level-marketing, or mlm where the business model pays commissions based on the success of the sponsorship line.  Therefore your sponsor and their team are there to help you be as successful as possible.

Direct sales offers the average person a low risk opportunity to be in business for themselves, make extra money or earn a full time income with an established business model and a marketable product.  Direct sales is like a franchise without the huge investment.  The company benefits because they only pay commissions on sold products, not salaries and instead of paying for advertising they rely on the word of mouth and network marketing from their independent consultants.  It’s a win-win.  It doesn’t matter what type of direct sales company you join just remember to make it epic and make it you.

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