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Boost Your Direct Sales Business By Organizing Your Weeks


If you’re new to direct sales you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the many ways you can socialize and approach people to promote your business.  And believe me… I feel your pain.  There’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Blogging, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories and the list goes on.

A girl on my Color Street team posted about this in our Facebook group recently.  She said she appreciated all the help, suggestions and support that our team provides, but because she is new to direct sales she didn’t know where to start and was feeling very overwhelmed and lost.  I was there before.  You might be there now.  It’s easy to sit down to focus and pump out great social media posts only to get sucked into the web of options.

So what should you do to keep your direct sales business organized?  Create a weekly schedule.  It’s advice I was given and guess what…it works.  Basically what you want to do is create a calendar of to-do lists that have focused categories for each day.  Make a list of objectives and tasks that you want to accomplish.  Have a little fun with it and create personalized titles for the days of the week.



When you have a direct sales business you are more than likely running to the post office a lot. When I first joined Color Street I found myself running to the post office every day and sometimes more than once a day to send people samples, purchases, catalogs or giveaway prizes.  In my defense the post office is close but I quickly realized it was kind of silly to run out every time someone wanted a sample.  Now I have Mail Monday.  If you give out free sample in your business, all week as requests for samples come in you can get them packaged, addressed, organized and then go to the post office on Monday.  Doing it this way is much more efficient and you will get more time back in your week. For social media you could post:

  • #MotivationMonday — Post something inspirational to kick start the workweek.
  • #ManiMonday — Posts where I share the nail design I applied over the weekend are some of my favorites.

These are some of my scheduled Monday posts. Get creative and have fun.  It’s fine to switch it up just make sure you plan your schedule in advance so it’s easy to come up with post ideas.

day week calendar tuesdayTEAM TWOSIE TUESDAY

It’s very important to stay in touch with your team when you are in the direct sales business. You look to your upline leaders for company information and mentoring. Your team relies on you for coaching and mentoring. I try to designate Tuesday to catch up on what my team has shared.

In Color Street we have a huge network with a large amount of our community sharing happening via Facebook. If I unlocked my phone and checked Facebook every time one of my team members posted something I would not get ANYTHING done. Being so excited when I joined that is exactly what I would do too. Now I check messages periodically but I make a plan to go back and really comprehend the information each Tuesday.  This gives me time to jot important product and company information in my notebook or great selling and sponsoring tips.

Basically I like to designate Tuesday for team time and goal setting. If you don’t have a team yet spend this day focused on how you will build one.  Remember what ever you determine your Tuesday to be just put it on your calendar and follow your schedule.

  • #TwosieTuesday  –  Twosies are what we call our sample nail strips because they come in packs of two.  In the Color Street business of selling 100% nail polish strips, providing samples and getting the product in front of people is key. Because social media is a huge vehicle for direct sales success I like to share posts for TWOSIE Tuesday and let followers know they can get free samples.
  • #TopicTuesday –  You can post a topic that might interest your viewers.
  • #TravelTuesday –  Post dream related travel spots.  I just posted how I’m excited to be taking my dad on a cruise to Alaska this year to celebrate my BIG birthday.


When Wednesday comes….HUMP DAY!…there is usually a slew of work to do so that’s what I do….Work it Wednesday.  I need all the planning and organizing I can get…you should see my desk…So my Wednesday is designated a day for phone calls, contacting leads from the previous week or people who are interested in hosting a nail bar.  You don’t necessarily want to hold everything until Wednesday but you can plan to get a lot of things done that don’t need immediate attention.  For social media you could post:

  • #JustForFun – Let your followers get to know you…Build relationships.
  • #WonderfulWednesday – Post something wonderful.  It can be something personal or business related.

day week calendar thursdaySOCIAL THURSDAY

If you use social media you can use Thursday to get all your posts for the upcoming week written and scheduled on Thursday.  You can schedule your Facebook posts, blog posts, etc in advance and then you can just interact with your followers and group members.   Planning as much of your future content on Thursday will really save you time.  Thursdays are when I do team training.   You can plan to have your face-to-face video calls (I like using zoom on Thursday.  When you’re in the direct sales business your team members will often be located in other states.  Live video calls help you get to know your team better especially the newer team members.  Thursday hashtags that are a hit:

  • #ThankfulThursday – Thank someone who’s helped your business, your customers, or tell people what you’re thankful for. 
  • #ThursdayThoughts –  This is a great conversation hashtag.  You can ask your followers’ opinions on ideas you have for improving your business.


If you did a good job all week with your organized plan you should take Friday off to do something for yourself.  Perhaps you’ll meet friends for dinner, go to happy hour or go see a movie.   Friday is also a day you could do your follow-up calls.  Staying social is easy to do every day of the week even if Friday is your free day because you already scheduled your posts!  Here are some Friday hashtags you could use:

  • #FridayFact – Give business related facts.  
  • #FeelGoodFriday – Post feel-good photos or quotes related to your product, or service
  • #FearlessFriday – What makes you fearless? Tell a story about overcoming challenges related to your business



Vendor events are a great way to share your business.  Both the product and the opportunity.  Sharing live videos (Facebook Live or Instagram Stories) are fun ways to get people out to see you.  If I’m not doing an event I’m probably doing laundry or out hiking or kayaking.  As long as I stay organized and schedule my weeks I find plenty of time to have fun.

  • #SaturdaySale — use for your sales promotions
  • #SocialSaturday – Share how you’re interacting with your community through events and promotions
  • #ShoutoutSaturday – Give a shout out to one of your star employees or customers
  • #SundayFunday – Continue the weekend fun by sharing fun ways to use your business’s products
  • #SundayRead – Share one of your recent blog posts
  • #StartupSunday – Show how passionate you are about your business


Thrive Hive has some awesome suggestions for hashtags.  It’s a great place to start.

Organizing your weeks is definitely not an end all to your direct sales business. You will still hop on your Facebook, check your Instagram and open your email because hey…that’s what we do but scheduling and organizing will help you control your business much better. You will spend a lot of time on your business because you started it for a reason so make the time count. Make a plan…plan your schedule and stick to it. There’s your excuse to go buy a cute planner….and…you’re welcome.

If you’re looking for a fun direct sales business and would like to hear more about Color Street…Well I would love to chat and see if you’d be a good fit on my team.  Get more information here or send me a message.

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