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40 Questions to Ask Before Joining A Direct Sales Company

You’ve decided you want to have your own business but don’t have the money or experience to open up a coffee shop.  You’ve decided to take the direct sales route because you like the idea of low-risk, fully supportive product development, inventory and shipping operations that comes with a direct sales company but you don’t know which company to join.  I bet you have a ton of questions.  Well today is your lucky day.  Here are a bunch of questions that you should be asking before you jump into anything.

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40 Direct Sales Questions You Should Be Asking

If you are considering joining a direct sales or multi-level marketing company, chances are you have done your research and are fully informed on your company choice.  But just in case you haven’t yet, here is a list of 40 questions to consider before you make the decision to join any company.  Talk to your sponsor or recruiter and be informed!

Company Information:

  1. How long has the company been in business?
  2. Who is the founder(s) of the company? 
  3. Does the company have a mission that you could stand behind?
  4. Is the company international or have plans to expand to international countries?
  5. Who are the company’s primary competitors?
  6. Where are the products manufactured?

Product Information:

  1. What are the product ingredients?
  2. Are the products gluten free or tested on animals?
  3. Are consultants required to have inventory to sell?
  4. What is the process for ordering products and getting them to customers?
  5. What is the product warranty?
  6. Are samples and business materials provided, or do consultants purchase their own?
  7. How often are new products introduced and discontinued?


  1. What does it cost to join?
  2. Are there different start-up kit options?
  3. Is there a fee to maintain a business website?
  4. What is the sales requirement to remain active as a consultant?
  5. If you become inactive is there a fee to re-activate?


  1. Are hostess incentives provided by the company or is the consultant responsible?
  2. Does the company provide marketing materials?
  3. Are consultants able to create their own marketing materials?
  4. What are the rules around social media marketing and advertising?
  5. Are consultants allowed to have personal websites or blogs for their business?

Compensation and Incentives:

  1. What is the product commission rate and compensation plan?
  2. Can consultants purchase products at wholesale prices?
  3. When are commissions paid?
  4. What are the commission payment methods?
  5. Does the company offer an annual incentive trip or other rewards?
  6. Are there rewards for personal volume sales or sponsoring new team members?

Leadership/Team Building:

  1. Who would be your sponsor’s upline?
  2. Does your sponsor or upline provide team training?
  3. Does your sponsor or upline offer any incentives or team challenges?
  4. Does your sponsor or upline provide any online groups for sharing and team building?
  5. Once you reach a certain leadership level, are you paid on that level for all future months if you maintain your own personal sales?
  6. Are there any restrictions on how or where you can recruit team members?


  1. Does the company provide you with training materials?
  2. What methods are used for training – WebEx or Zoom calls? Facebook live videos or webinars?  Email?  Workshops? Other?
  3. Does the company provide leadership or career development training?
  4. Does the company have annual conferences or events? 

Once you have all these questions thoroughly answered, the only remaining question is are you passionate about the product you’ll be selling?  


  1. Do you have a passion for the product?

If you do have a passion for the product, then jump in.  Direct sales can be a very lucrative path both financially and personally as long as you have the motivation and discipline to work it.  Commission-based sales is not for everyone, but if you have the right support, training, marketing channels, and work ethic, you can be very successful.  

You should only join a direct sales company that you truly believe in.  To be successful you must believe in the product you’re selling.  Color Street is a company that has become a true passion of mine.  I love the product, I love sharing it with people and I love showing them why it has changed me in so many ways.

If you would like to learn more about the direct sales business that has me more excited than ever?  Come on over and join us at Super Cute Nails on Facebook!

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