Photographers: Do Your Clients Come To A Photo Shoot With Their Nails Undone?

Photographers and Makeup Artists – Give Your Clients an Instant Salon Quality Manicure

Are you a photographer who specializes in beautiful portraits of women? Maybe you shoot senior portraits or boudoir perhaps?  Do your clients show up with naked nails or nails that are all chipped and worn? …Especially the high school seniors.  Love the high school seniors but lets face it…this happens all the time with the seniors.

You may have prepped them with what to expect in your consultations.  You discussed the outfits, the shoes, the location, the theme and even the hair and makeup.  You’re all excited and ready to go until your client shows up with…not so pretty nails.  You talked about all those details but no one thought about the nail polish. DSC02910-Edit

Check out this video because I have a solution for you…Color Street! You can give your client a full manicure in minutes.  It really is this easy…

I’m a photographer and I notice when the woman in a beautifully taken photo has …unfinished or naked nails.  I’ve even spent time in Photoshop touching up the tips of the chipped nails just to make everything perfect.  Thank goodness I don’t do this anymore and you don’t have to either cause “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That”.

Color Street is a direct sales company that launched in June 2017.  The product is simple, beautiful and affordable.  They’re 100% real nail polish strips (not stickers) that have base coat, color (design) coat and top coat all in one strip.  If you watched the video you saw how easy they are to apply and the best part in my mind is they’re dry.  You don’t use heat or tools and they last up to 14 days. The nail strips are 100% nail polish so they come off with regular nail polish remover.

There are many styles and colors to choose from :

Color Street French Meet Me in Paris

Say Bonjour to perfect nails with Meet Me in Paris, a French manicure set with a clear overlay. Each set includes 16 French tips, 16 double-ended clear nail polish strips.

This really is an affordable way to give your client that extra glam after they’ve had their hair and makeup done.  For every 3 Solid, Glitter and Nail Art Design sets you purchase, you’ll get to choose one more for FREE.  Mix and match and get sets that will go with any clients style.  The sophisticated French manicure is Buy 1 Get 1 Free.

Keep a supply of silver glitter nails (Tinseltown) and give your clients that extra sparkle. Or apply a solid neutral color (Upper East Side) for a finished…polished look.

I love these nail strips.  I haven’t had naked nails since I discovered them and I almost never used to paint my nails.  It was just too much work, it took too much time and I would always mess them up even after waiting for what seemed like forever for them to dry only to find out they still needed another 12 hours.  If they chipped…I mean when they chipped I would touch them up with more polish.  Fact…they didn’t look great.  Now, not only do I wear them, I give my clients a little extra pampering and they absolutely love it.

You’re already pampering your clients with a day of beauty.  You provide hair, makeup, music, champagne, macaroons and a fabulous photo shoot .  Why not go the extra-extra mile and finish it off with a full salon quality manicure that you can do in minutes.

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