How Do You Grow Nails Fast

How Do You Grow Strong Nails Fast?

People always ask how I grow my nails so fast. My answer is simple and there isn’t secret or a trick or a special potion. I file them…a lot.

Now you might wonder how my nails are strong and why they grow fast because I file them. My nails are strong because I keep them polished and I keep them smooth.

Keeping your nails smooth is important. I always have a nail file handy just in case I snag something or worse…break or chip a nail.

As soon as I feel a nail starting to split or fray I get out my file and buff out any uneven edges. It’s the snags that make your nails break. My hair is so crazy curly that I would lose all my nails washing my hair if I didn’t keep my nails smooth. I love the 4 sided buffer blocks and have one in every purse, in my desk, and even in my car. They keep my nails shiny, smooth and strong.

Get a Crystal Nail File

Recently someone told me about crystal nail files. I decided to order some from Amazon and all I can say is WOW. Talk about smoothing the jagged edges. These glass nail files are amazing.

I find I am filing less now that I’m using a crystal file. It is very durable and it lasts a long time. I’m hooked.

Polish With Color Street

Now my Color Street manicures are lasting even longer because I’m not having to smooth rough nail edges as often. Color Street nail polish strips and crystal nail files are a Win-Win.

So there you have it…my answer to growing strong nails fast…file them and keep them polished.

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