Cruising Alaska to Cuba

Cruising from Alaska to Cuba

I’m excited for my next two adventures. I will be cruising to Alaska then to Cuba. Not on the same trip…but wouldn’t dancing in the streets of Cuba be an awesome way to warm up after landing on a glacier?


Being a photographer I’ve had Alaska on my bucket list for a while. This year I’m hitting a milestone birthday so I decided to head to Alaska and Canada and to make it even more fun I’m taking my dad so he can check off one of his bucket list items as well. We’re heading to Seattle…also a new adventure for both of us in July. We’ll spend a day exploring the city, Space Needle, and Pike Place the day before we board the ship.

Dad has never taken a cruise before so it’s extra cool for him. Excursions are hard to choose from. It’s a 7 day cruise but there are so many things I want to see and do. I already know I’m going to have to go back. We’re already booked to fly in a helicopter and land on a glacier. I cannot wait to take pictures. The other thing I had to do is take the scenic train ride. I hope we see lots of wildlife. Whales and bears are what I’m hoping for.

The trip is about a month and a half out but I’ve already picked out my nail polish. I have no idea what clothes I will bring …besides the sweet new North Face Tri-climate jacket I bought. Because I live in Arizona I have lots of sleeveless tops and shorts. Everyone says if you’re going to Alaska dress in layers so I really need to get some long sleeves and long pants…but the good news is my nail polish is all set…LOL. That’s right. Vacation nails!!

That’s right I already know which design I’m wearing. Not the beautiful sparkly purple glitter. That’s what I’m wearing right now. It matches the tanzanite ring that I picked up on a cruise last year in Mexico perfectly. I have already decided that I will go with this super cute nautical design for the week of the Alaskan cruise. These nails are so easy to apply I’m sure I will also bring a fun glitter in case I want to switch to a sparkling silver or blue.

Now that I’m all set with my nail polish…I guess I should buy some jeans and maybe a hat.

Next Up…Cuba

I will barely get my suitcase unpacked and before I know it I will be getting back on another ship and heading to the Bahamas, Mexico, and Cuba!!! This cruise just got booked totally on a whim so I haven’t done any excursion planning yet. Well not for Cuba anyway. I know we’re going to love it. I’m pretty sure it will be a photo paradise but I still have some investigating to do.

Speaking of photo paradise I might have to take another trip to the 7 Colors Lagoon to go kayaking again when I’m in Costa Maya.

This was one of my favorite pictures from Costa Maya. Such a relaxing peaceful place to spend the afternoon. My sister and I were the only people visiting this spot for hours. We kayaked, chilled in hammocks under the grass hut, drank refreshing beverages, swam in that crystal clear water, and had a delicious lunch.

The Mexico, Bahamas and Cuba cruise will be hard to pack for but I think I know one of the sets of nails I will wear…Coral Bay…it has that fun tropical feel. 🤪

I guess I need to start my packing list because it will be bon voyage before I know it.

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I’m grateful that I am able to take these amazing trips and I can’t wait to set sail.

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What’s on your bucket list?

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