Can You Put a Clear Coat Over Color Street

Do You Have to Put a Clear Coat Over Color Street Nails?

People always ask…Do I need to put a clear coat over the top of Color Street nails? The answer is no!

One of the great things about Color Street nails (one…because there are so many great things) is that they have the clear (top coat) already in them. That’s right …these awesome easy to use Color Street nail strips are 100% real nail polish and have a base coat, a color coat (solid color, glitter, or a design) AND a clear top coat in every strip.

Talk about an awesome time saver.  Peel, apply, and file. Easy as 1,2, 3

With Color Street there’s no waiting for the base coat to dry, then applying the color either in several thin coats waiting in between only to realize you really didn’t wait long enough and smudged it AND there’s no more applying the color thick hoping to save time applying several thin coats and waiting for it to dry only to realize it’s way too thick and won’t be dry until the following week.

And let’s face it…who really applies the base coat or the top coat when the process takes so long? Not me.  I admit I never wanted to be bothered with all those steps. All my bottles of top coat usually glued themselves shut because they didn’t get used. That’s why my nails never looked good.

For 10-14 days your nails will look amazing! Talk about long lasting.

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Now on the flip side you might ask…can you add a clear coat to Color Street nails and the answer is yes…you don’t need to but it won’t harm the polish.

Color Street actually has a set called Clear as Day.  It is a clear coat that can be worn over a set or for extra shine to your naked nails.


On Thanksgiving I jammed my thumb pretty bad mashing potatoes and broke my nail. It was tragic but I used two strips of the Clear as Day over my design to do a little save the day repair. It worked great!

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Are you looking for a way to skip applying the top coat? Have you tried Color Street yet? Do you love them?


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