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I Feel Pretty

It was almost the end of the day of a long weekend being a vendor at a craft fair in Tucson. As always it had been a great time sharing the Color Street nails with people who had never heard of it before and showing the awesome new holiday designs to those who have already fallen in love with the dry nail polish.  But I was exhausted, hungry and super thirsty and ready to go home.

The sun had been beating on us for hours and all I really wanted to do was go to bed.  No…I wanted to take a shower first then go to bed but we had to tear down our booth and drive 2 hours.  Normally I don’t dread the tear down and pack up process because it is fairly quick compared to most vendors but I was beat.

Just as I was starting to pack up my supplies, a girl walked up to the booth and I asked her if she wanted to see how easy the nails are to apply and she said yes.  I picked out one of my favorite glitter samples (Pacific Waters) and when I applied it to her nail she immediately lit up.  She said it made her feel so pretty and she started to cry.  We talked for a while as she searched for a few sets of nails to buy.   She was over whelmed with emotion and repeated it a few times.  “I feel so pretty”.


Often Color Street awards stylists with limited edition nails to celebrate sales or accomplishments.  I recently received a “Rockstar” award and I am giving one of the beautiful glitter dipped sets appropriately named “Best In Show” to Adrianne because she is a Rockstar.  Adrianne – Your heart is so big with the work that you do.  Thank you for reminding me WHY I do what I do and WHY I love this business so much.

The following (probably paraphrased) quote is so true.  “People may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel.”  Her reaction was priceless and there was no doubt the nails made her feel pretty.  She said it had been a bad week and putting the sparkly nail sample on her made her day.  What she didn’t realize…is she made mine. 


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2 thoughts on “I Feel Pretty

  1. Adrianne Little says:

    Michelle, I love your blog! Ty for the inspiration, and love that you guys are passionate, and I’m so happy I blessed your guys’ day, because u sure blessed mine!

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