Earn Free Products by Hosting a Nail Bar

Want To Earn Free Products While Hanging Out With Your Friends?


Who wouldn’t…Right?  Here’s how YOU can earn some free goodies.  Host a Color Street Nail Bar.  It’s not a real bar that’s just what we stylists call it (although I’m not opposed to doing a pop-up party at a bar or sipping on a glass of wine during an online nail bar…just sayin’)

Online Nail Bars

Hosting an ONLINE nail bar is the easiest way to party.  I do weekly online nail bars on Facebook.  You don’t have to clean your house.  You don’t have to prepare snacks.  You don’t even have to put on a bra or change out of your comfortable clothes.  As an online hostess all you have to do is give me a list of friends you want to share Color Street with, get them excited about the nail strips and then and sit back and earn some free and discounted products while I do all the rest.



In-Home Pop-Ups

If you live in the East Valley of Phoenix, AZ  send me a message and we can plan a local party!  A pop-up shop is a small home party where you to get to hang out with your friends and see what Color Street is all about!  These are super fun because I won’t do any boring presentations!   It’s super quick really.  I show you how the strips are applied and then you apply samples yourselves.  That’s it.   If they purchase from my inventory they take the strips home.  No shipping and no waiting.  Orders can also be done online.   It’s sort of an excuse to have a girls night while showing your friends this new product!