My Story

What’s My Story


I am a Photographer, a Business Requirements Lead for an International Bank and an Independent Color Street Stylist.

My name is Michele

Either you’re wondering what Color Street is or you’ve heard about it and want to learn more.  Well I’m glad you found me.  I’m excited to share what has become a new obsession of mine.   Color Street is a company that launched in June 2017 and they sell amazing 100% nail polish strips.

What’s my story with Color Street?  How did I become an Independent Color Street  Stylist?  I was at work one day and I noticed my coworkers nail polish.  They were the cutest white with colored polka-dots and pink frosted cupcakes!!  I told her how cute I thought they were and she thanked me.  Then we went about our business.  I assumed she paid lots of money to get them done at a salon because the design was perfect.  I had noticed her nails before but this was the first time we talked.

Fast forward about a week…While commuting home on the train I overheard two girls talking about nail polish and they mentioned Color Street.  I googled Color Street because I had never heard of it and I was curious to see what the excitement was all about.  As soon as I saw the adorable cupcakes my coworker had I was SOLD.

That night I looked at the product catalog trying to narrow down a design to order and I watched a few videos to learn more about the nail strips.  I couldn’t decide what I wanted to try first.  Should I pick glitter or a solid or a fun design like the cupcakes?

Then I realized I wanted to be a stylist

Now this is the really crazy part…in my first 30 days I sold just over $1000 in nail strips.  That is 10 times more than my initial investment!   My team is amazing and everyone helps the new stylists who join.  I am having so much fun sharing this product and I’m so glad I made the decision to join Color Street.   If you would like to hear  more about my story, please contact me so we can chat.

I’m Interested in Being a Stylist